*** Update March 2023: At this time, my caseload is full and I am unable to accept a new client. I am, however, happy to either give you the names of other therapists who practice the same type of therapy as I practice (to see if one of them may be able to get you in sooner) and/or to add you to my waiting list. Should you choose to join my waiting list, I will simply contact the person who has been waiting the longest once I have a spot open in my schedule. Many folks ask me how long my waiting list is; while it is impossible for me to know for sure, I anticipate that realistically, it would be at least a few months before I'd be able to get you in.

Life isn't easy. When things are too difficult to handle on our own, it can be helpful to talk with someone who has an objective viewpoint, and who can help sort through the "mess" to find clarity. From grieving or coping with challenging life circumstances to learning more about the strengths and areas of growth with your partner - counseling is one way to find peace and live life to the fullest.

I strive to build a relationship of openness, trust and honest communication and to handle sensitive situations with respect and dignity. I believe that the power to heal lies within the relationship. Whether working with a couple to help deepen their bonds or with an individual to help them discover what they want from life, I treat from a relationship perspective.

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